How many CE hours will I earn on my Vet Vacation?

All destination programs are RACE approved for 15 hours of continuing education (CE).

How do I register for my Vet Vacation?

Registration for all Vet Vacations is fast and easy. On the www.vetvacationce.com web site, click on your destination. Then click on the “Register” tab to complete your registration. You will receive a registration confirmation via email after you register. For privacy, Vet Vacation does not retain any personal payment information.

How do I book my room for my Vet Vacation?

Booking your Vet Vacation room is easy. Once you click on the destination on the Vet Vacation web site, click on “Accommodations”. Room booking instructions are in this section. Many destination conference centers let you book on-line with a special code. Additionally, many of our destination partners allow you to book the below market rate for days before and after your Vet Vacation.

What is the registration cancellation policy if I need to make a change?

10% of your registration fee is non-refundable. Cancellation 30 days prior to the start of your Vet Vacation will result in your ability to choose a 90% refund or transfer the registration fee to another Vet Vacation destination. Within 30 days of your Vet Vacation, you may transfer your registration to another Vet Vacation. Refunds and transfers are not available once a seminar begins.

Where can I find the topics and speakers for my Vet Vacation?

All Vet Vacation topics are on line. Once you select your destination, click on the “Speakers and Topics” tab. You will see all speaker details. Vet Vacation provides conference notes at each conference.

How do I get my CE certificate?

Vet Vacation provides your CE certificate on the last day of your Vet Vacation. Certificates are available via email as well.

What is the lecture format of my Vet Vacation?

Typically, Vet Vacation lecture format is 5 hours a day with sessions starting in the morning or early afternoon. We do adapt the lecture schedule to the location so that you are able to experience as much as possible in your Vet Vacation destination.

How do I learn more about my Vet Vacation resort and destination?

The Vet Vacation web site has destination information in the “Local Attractions” tab. Resort information is available in the “Accommodations” tab.

How many attendees attend?

Vet Vacation meetings offer intimate settings and allow for interactive sessions with our speakers. Attendance ranges from 20-50 attendees.

What is the Vet Vacation “refer a friend” program?

When you refer a friend to a Vet Vacation destination conference, you receive a $25 gift card. Please make sure your friend mentions you in the “where did you hear about us” section on the registration form.

What does my registration fee include?

The Vet Vacation registration fee includes 15 hours of RACE approved CE presented by 2 talented and qualified speakers; cocktail reception; and breakfast for the 2 morning sessions. Early bird registration fees are available with registration at least 90 days prior to the Vet Vacation destination.